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Your way forwards in life

Believe in who you can be

Counselling can help you explore the things in life you that are not happy with; your life questions which might prompt you to seek counselling. It might seem like your questions are the same questions as others who seek counselling; for instance, you may be feeling unhappy about your health, a relationship, unsure about decisions that you need to make; however, though there may be similar themes for why people seek counselling, how therapy is experienced and worked through will always be individual and unique to you; Why? Well because it will be your own life experiences that have informed how you feel, think and respond to each situation that you encounter. As an example, if you were to ask several friends or relatives to help you with the same problem or question, you might receive a different answer from each of them; that’s because friends and relatives want to help you by offering advice, they are also answering your questions based upon their own experiences, their own personal life lens; As a Counsellor I believe you are your own expert on your life experiences and you have the answers to your life questions within you. My aim will be to be by your side as we work together with whatever brings you to counselling. To help you to become the person you believe you can be

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